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Ashur Shamun

Yeah, I know. It’s like washer without the “w.”

I’m a freelance developer with a passion for my craft and impeccable attention to detail…like freaky good. I like to develop clean looking sites and I’m a big believer in “less is more.” I think it sends a better message and helps your site visitors maintain some sanity while browsing your site. But let’s back up.

I’ve been in the digital industry for quite a while now – since ’97 to be exact. That’s when I started building websites and began on my path down the digital yellow brick road. Since then, I’ve held a number of positions with digital companies and have worked closely with many different digital departments including development, design, and marketing. I used to lead the digital development department for a local technology company and had a team of about ten developers working for me. From there, I started working with some marketing and creative companies and built some incredible relationships which have lead me to where I am now – a freelance web developer who specializes in development, design, and branding.

I focus on building relationships with my clients. When I onboard a new client or prospect, I like to come out and introduce myself. I like to learn all I can about the business so I can offer ideas, utilizing my experience, that’ll help achieve optimal results.

Whether your needs are development, design, branding, marketing, or print, I’ll make sure you have an online or offline presence you can be proud of.