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GDPR Goes Into Effect On the 25th


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GDPR Goes Into Effect On the 25th

On May 25th, the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) goes into effect. The GDPR is a regulation in European Union (EU) law that essentially gives control to individuals over their personal data as well as simplifies business regulations.

So what does all this mean for you? Well if you live in the US, not much. Most US businesses won’t have to make accommodations unless they receive, or market to, European customers and/or clients. However, you’ll notice a lot of businesses starting to making GDPR changes simply to make it easier on them in the future. Not to mention it’s an easy CYA fix. It won’t be too long before we see something similar happening in the states so we may as well get used to it anyway.

Basically, the GDPR applies to individuals living in the EU. However, if you’re a US-based business and you meet any of the following metrics, GDPR could apply to you.

  • Your site offers translations to non-English used languages in the EU
  • Your site domain uses a top-level domain (TLD) from an EU country (such as .uk, .fr, etc.)
  • Your site displays prices or accepts payment in European currencies (Euros)
  • You ship and/or market products to individuals in the EU
  • You monitor and/or track the online behavior of individuals in the EU

If this regulation applies to you or you’re simply not sure, you can check out the GDPR Information Portal or contact an attorney who specializes in this field. Otherwise, you could be looking at some hefty fines reaching up to €20 million!